Kitty Softpaws

Kitty Soft Paws


Name: Kat

Number: x0x0

Main Position(s): Blocker

Playing Since: February 2012

Hometown: Reidville, SC

About: Originally self-named Rose McGougen, but from every misspelling and pronunciation, gladly accepted Kitty Softpaws from teammates claiming I had “softpaws when I did whips”. Kitty grew up a middle child between two sisters and loves shining in her lime light at derby games. When shes not busy saving the world and the environment, she is spending time with her kiddos. Kitty has a daughter named Doggy Softpaws also #x0x0 who plans on joining a jr. roller league in the very near future.

Likes: Anything in a shiny wrapper, bubble tea, geishas, books, and art.

Dislikes: Thunder & lightning, black widows, teenager skate nights, creatures lurking in the ocean, creatures lurking under beds, mystery meat in cans, and any heavy music devoted to Jesus.